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The Beta Blocker and Clonidine Protocol

Lesson 4
Lesson 4 - Beta Blockers

17. Mortality: Requisite Survival Curve

Atenolol Study - Survival Curve

Here is the requisite survival curve. Patients had a lower risk of death in the atenolol treated group. Now many people worry that somehow the randomization didn't work. We have followed these patients out to five years and the survival curves are parallel, meaning that the difference is the difference early after surgery. We prevented a perioperative problem. There is no difference in the post hospital medications between the two groups.

How could a therapy that was administered for only seven days have an effect on two year mortality? We are preventing the initiation of a problem in the perioperative period. If you prevent the initiation of ischemic events by the perioperative period, you prevent the morbidity and mortality in the subsequent months.

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